Everything You Need to Know About a New Toilet
December 19, 2009

Everything You Need to Know About a New Toilet

If you are considering getting a new toilet, there are a number of ways it can save you money, not to mention the increased comfort it can offer. Here are some of the Top reasons to upgrade your toilet.

-New toilets are made to use less water; 1.6 gallons or less per flush. An old toilet can use up to 5 gallons per flush and that’s reason alone to justify replacing it.

-You may spend about $200 on a new toilet. Some “royal thrones” cost up to $800, but a good quality toilet can run less than $100.

-Most toilets operate by “gravity-flush.” Water that’s held in the tank above the bowl empties down to remove waste. They’re quiet, affordable and popular.

-“Pressure-flush” toilets are gaining ground. These “turbo” toilets inject pressurized water into the bowl and only take a few seconds to flush. Some models even feature two handles to select either a moderate 1 gallon or a stronger 1.6 gallon flush.

-Pressure-flushers have a lot of power, but do have drawbacks. They’re noisy, some need electricity to run, more splashing in some cases, and they average up to 50% more than a comparable gravity toilet.

Dual-Flush toilets are becoming very popular due to their eco-friendly nature (they allow you to use less water when you don’t need a full flush) and they are more affordable today than ever before. In our showroom at Bell we have a number of Dual-flush toilet models to choose from, to fit your home and bathroom. Offering environmentally friendly products to our customers is very important to us, so when you’re ready to upgrade, give us a call or come by the showroom to see all the different options we have.