Door Styles That Make a Small Room Feel Bigger
April 13, 2015

Door Styles That Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Small spaces can be tough for homeowners to work with, but choosing the right door can help make that tight space feel bigger. There are a great many options for your home’s interior doors, and with the guidance and expertise of a professional, you can achieve a look and style that will make your small space comfortable and inviting. The experts at Striking Remodels by Bell bring over three decades of remodeling to every job, and we understand how the balance between space and natural light can make or break a room. Let us help you by selecting and installing a door for your smaller space in Denver, CO, today!

Door Options

Here are some door options that not only add style and color to your home but can also help make a small space feel a little bigger:

  • Pocket doors: pocket doors slide and disappear into a pocket in your wall, giving you privacy when you need it and opening things up when you don’t.
  • Barn doors: barn doors hang from a long, metal roller at the top, adding a touch of country charm to your home without taking up space when opening and closing.
  • Glass bi-fold doors: these doors offer a classic look to any space and when they fold shut, they take up very little room.
  • Pivot doors: these doors have a pivot in the center of the door, allowing you to swing it in either direction for opening and closing.
  • Glass sliding doors: all-glass sliding doors are sleek and modern, and show your space off whether the doors are open or closed.
  • Dutch doors: not only are Dutch doors fun to look at, but they also offer you the ability to have a door and a window in one item.

Expert installation and a great eye for detail are critical to making any kind of statement door work, and our professionals are here to help you with every step of your remodeling process simply call us and schedule an appointment!