Do You Need to Have an Electrical Upgrade During Your Remodel?
October 20, 2014

Do You Need to Have an Electrical Upgrade During Your Remodel?

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in a house isn’t a single task, but rather a collection of tasks. It often requires different contractors to handle each job, such as an architect to develop the design, builders for the physical work, and electricians and plumbers to take care of the necessities of any kitchen or bathroom must-have.

However, you can simplify this process by going to a remodeler who handles all these jobs in-house. Striking Remodels by Bell offers this kind of comprehensive remodeling, from the first design concepts to putting in the cabinets and connecting the last plumbing fixtures. For remodels in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas, come to us first.

Your electrical system and remodeling

Homeowners want to get the most value for the money they spend on remodeling, and often it is tempting to limit some of the services for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. For example, it isn’t always necessary to do a large-scale repiping during a remodel, although it is advisable for older homes and for very extensive redesigns since replacing the pipes allows for more construction freedom.

But what about your electrical system? Should you have an upgrade to the wiring in your kitchen or bathroom as part of the remodeling? The answer, in most cases, is yes.

One of the reasons that we advise clients to upgrade their electrical systems is because it adds immense convenience. A problem with older bathrooms, and especially older kitchens, is a lack of outlets and outlets with poor placement. You should have outlets at least every 4 feet, which is a bit closer than the electrical code minimum requirement (6 feet) but which we think you will find extremely helpful. Adding additional small appliance circuits to a kitchen is also a good idea to help with the larger number of powered devices that modern kitchens require.

Your demands for electrical power have likely increased over the past ten years, so upgrading the system for more amps is probably wise. If you still have an old fuse box, you definitely want to schedule a replacement for that along with the remodel: the increased activity and power use in your remodeled room will probably be too much for old fuses, and circuit breakers are more capable of handling electrical fluctuations and are also more convenient to reset.

For all this work, you must have a licensed electrician. You do not want your home remodel to end up creating a fire hazard! This is one of the reasons you will find Striking Remodels by Bell such a convenient place to come for your remodeling: electrical service is one of our specialties and has been for years. When we remodel a room, we bring in our electrical experts to handle all the new wiring and replacements necessary to make your new bathroom or kitchen the best and safest it can be.

For remodels in Denver, CO, give Striking Remodels by Bell a call to set up an appointment or schedule a visit to our selection showroom. Be sure to ask for a copy of our getting started with Remodeling Design Guide!