A Few Creative Ideas for a New Bathtub
January 13, 2015

A Few Creative Ideas for a New Bathtub

Remodeling a bathroom does not have to be a joyless chore. This is a chance for you to explore new concepts in the design of the room that will make it not only a more efficient and effective space, but also a more attractive one with beautiful and stylish appliances and overall appearance. To find the best new options when it comes to bathroom remodels in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas, contact Striking Remodels by Bell. We are not only experienced, full-service remodeling professionals, we also maintain an immense showroom of new appliances for remodels that help our clients come up with a great new looks for their bathrooms.

Let?s take a glance at the largest fixture inside most bathrooms: the bathtub. There are numerous options available today for bathtubs that can change them from functional, bland objects into something remarkable. Here are just a few:

  • Classic free-standing tubs: The old-fashioned style of a free-standing bathtub mounted on four feet has made a comeback in recent years. If you are looking for Old World charm in a bathroom remodel, the options for these types of tubs give you a wide range of choices. ?Slipper tubs,? for example, which have one end of the tub raised to give the look of a slipper, are a superb pick for an eye-catching vintage design.
  • Acrylic tubs: There are a number of different tub materials available today, and among the most popular is acrylic. Acrylic tubs have excellent heat retention and a variety of colors, making them easy to adapt to most bathroom designs. Acrylic tubs are usually reinforced with other material, such as wood, metal, and fiberglass.
  • Cast-iron tubs: Here?s a fantastic, outside-the-box choice for a new tub. A cast-iron model is an excellent way to create a rustic look for either an older or newer home. And cast-iron is still an effective material when it comes to durability and heat retention. (However, consult with your remodeling professional regarding bolstering the flooring, since cast-iron tubs are heavy.)
  • Soaking tubs: If you are interested in a specialty tub equipped with luxury features for relaxation, a soaking tub is a something to consider. These tubs have deep basins designed to help people stay in the tub for longer periods to ease sore muscles. Tub shape can make a great difference in how functionality, so ask your remodelers about other shape concepts.

There are too many other creative bathtub choices to list here.

For a more comprehensive set of ideas for bathroom remodels in Denver, CO, call Striking Remodels by Bell today to arrange a consultation.