Kitchen Design Features
July 11, 2024

6 Must-Have Kitchen Design Features

Have you been dreaming of a new kitchen design? If not, your kitchen likely works well for your needs and has the layout of a well-functioning space. If you HAVE been dreaming of a new kitchen, chances are you’re missing out on one or more of the features that many of our customers are craving.


A well-organized kitchen is the dream of many a chef (or budding chef). Sure, a color and cabinet style you love is pretty amazing, but the components inside your cabinets are at the heart of good organization. Start by taking an inventory of your most used utensils, dishes, pots, pans, and spices. This will help you figure out the right storage components like roll-out trays, drawer dividers, pull-out shelves, spice organizers, appliance garages, pull-out pantries, and more. With everything in its place and within easy reach, you’d be amazed at how efficient you can become.

Kitchen Design Features


Yes, almost every kitchen has a sink. But is it the right sink for your needs? Designers recommend you give extra consideration to the elements that you interact with the most. Yep, the kitchen sink is at the top of this list. Do you need one faucet or two? Do you need a single basin for washing large pots and baking sheets or do you prefer a double basin for separating clean and dirty? Do you need add-ons like on-demand hot water, or inserts for food prep and drying racks? Next, consider the finish. Stainless steel is easy to clean, is heat resistant, and nicely complements Stainless appliances. Copper offers antimicrobial properties. A quartz composite material is highly resistant to heat, chips, scratches, and staining.

Kitchen Design Features


Different tasks require different lighting. The most efficient kitchens have layered lighting. Recessed cans for ambient lighting, spotlights for work areas like the sink and range, pendant lights for islands, undercabinet lights for countertop workspaces, and windows for natural light. Our kitchens get used at all hours of the day so solving lighting issues for every condition ensures efficiency and harmony.

Kitchen Design Features


The island has transformed kitchen designs. It adds extra counter space and needed storage plus creates a space for casual eating, conversation, and homework. Islands also add a design element that breaks up the kitchen into specific task areas. It can provide a home for the cooktop or food prep sink and can make the work triangle more efficient.

Kitchen Design Features



A kitchen is meant for cooking. Quality appliances make a good cook very happy. Your oven and range or cooktop make the most of your food artwork. How you interact with a range and how quality equipment affects the perfection of your meals is important. Design professionals suggest you don’t skimp on quality when it comes to selecting cooking appliances. For baking that might be a double oven. For cooking that might mean a gas cooktop for responsive heat control or an induction cooktop for fast cooking. For cooks with larger pans, consider a bridge element that allows you to activate adjoining elements for a larger cooking area.

Vent Hood

A ventilation hood removes cooking odors, steam, and grease from the kitchen air. Because the hood sits at eye level, it’s also an important visual element. Many designers take it as an opportunity to create a stylish element for both function and form.

Kitchen Design Features

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