5 Keys to Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry
May 11, 2015

5 Keys to Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry

One of the biggest decisions you?ll make in your kitchen remodel is the type of cabinetry to install. You are going to be using and looking at your cabinets for many years, so it?s important to choose cabinetry that can withstand the test of time. There are so many options when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinetry for your home in Denver, CO, that it can be overwhelming, so to help you with this process, the kitchen remodeling experts at Striking Remodels by Bell have put together 5 key categories to focus on:

#1: Type of material

Wood cabinets are by far the most chosen material for cabinets, but 100% wood cabinets can be expensive, and there are other materials you may want to consider. Some other options include melamine, a durable laminate, stainless steel and various kinds of metals.

#2: Style of the doors

There are a host of door styles, and the style of your cabinet doors inform the overall style of your kitchen. The item to keep in mind is detailing: kitchen doors that have more ornate styling, such as raised wood or any kind of beading, are typically going to cost more than simple designs.

#3: Door mount style

Cabinet doors can be hung in many different ways: overlay, full overlay, flush and even inset. Again, the more complicated the mounting (inset is far trickier than overlay), the more money you may spend.

#4: Door finish

Again, you?ll find a ton of options when it comes to putting a finish on your cabinet doors: staining, painting and leaving them unfinished are all options; you can even distress or crackle your kitchen cabinets.

#5: Hardware

Hardware is the final touch on your cabinetry and shouldn?t be skipped. Not only does hardware help you open and close your cabinets more easily, they can dress up your cabinets to solidify a certain style or look.

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