3 Tips for Replacing Your Bathtub
May 09, 2014

3 Tips for Replacing Your Bathtub

Bathroom remodeling sessions can take up a lot of time and resources, though the final effect can literally transform the space. If you?re looking to remodel your bathroom, you want to make sure all of the details are in place. Your bathtub, in particular, often serves as the centerpiece of the space, and your need to consider your options carefully when replacing it. ?You can get sound advice from services that specialize in bathroom remodeling in Lakewood and other nearby communities. We?ve included a brief primer below.

Tips for Replacing Your Bathtub During a Remodeling Session

  • Watch the walls. Many bathtubs are framed by walls on three sides, with the fourth side open to enter and exit the tub. Depending on the new design, you may need to significantly alter or even tear down these walls. Before you do so, make sure you have accounted for any plumbing or electrical wiring that may run through it. In addition, if you are planning for an entirely new bathtub (such as a stand-alone claw foot model), make sure you account for the hot and cold water pipes used to fill it.
  • Define your space. A bathtub requires more than just the square footage of the unit itself. It needs to be placed in such a way so that you can comfortably enter and exit it while using it. That ensures that it?s practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.
  • Consider the materials carefully. Your new tub should possess a finish that matches the rest of the space, but that finish also needs to stand up to years of regular use from the tub. Consult with your contractor to determine the best material for the job and be ready to adjust the entire look of your new bathroom accordingly.

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