3 Things to Remember When Remodeling Your Kitchen
April 08, 2014

3 Things to Remember When Remodeling Your Kitchen

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, Denver has plenty of services to help you along. It?s a big project, and in some cases represents the culmination of your dream. But that doesn?t mean that practical considerations simply go away, or that proper preparation won?t make the process go a lot more smoothly. You have a vision for your ideal kitchen and a good service can help bring that vision to life.

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3 things to remember when remodeling your kitchen

  • Keep space in mind. Your kitchen has a lot of variables to work with, but you only have a set amount of square footage and whatever changes you need to make have to fit in that square footage. Keep that in mind and remember all of the things you?ll need in that space ? including your refrigerator, stovetop and sink ? before considering a lot of big additions.
  • Remember the hidden components. Your stove likely needs a gas or electric line to function. The sink needs to be linked to the plumbing system, as does the refrigerator if you have an ice maker or a water dispenser. They will need to be linked to those systems, and in almost every case, those links need to stay hidden in order to preserve the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. Placement of each component should be factored in accordingly.
  • Prioritize. You probably have a list of things your want to see in your new kitchen, from better cabinets to a larger sink. In all likelihood, you?ll be able to include most of them in the final design, but not all. The best way to make those tough decisions is to rank your wishes in order of importance before it all begins. That way, you can drop what necessity dictates and ensure that you still have a kitchen that reflects your wishes.

A good contractor will remember these things when remodeling your kitchen, but it helps if you can factor them in during the preparation stage. Contact?Striking Remodels by Bell?today to set up a consultation with one of our kitchen remodeling experts.