3 Things to Look for in a New Sink During Kitchen Remodeling
May 02, 2014

3 Things to Look for in a New Sink During Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the old saw ?everything but the kitchen sink? should be amended to ?the kitchen sink and everything else.? The new sink in a remodeled kitchen is an essential element, the appliance that will receive the most use and attention. You want to make sure you have a sink installed that fits all your criteria for the redesign.

But a sink is just a sink, right? As long as it drains and has a garbage disposal, what else is there to look for?

You?d be surprised: the variety of sinks available for a kitchen remodeling in Centennial, CO is wide and perhaps a bit intimidating. Striking Remodels by Bell has a showroom stocked with numerous sink models for your project, but we?ll assist you with narrowing down the choices.

Here are three specific things to focus on when picking out the new centerpiece of a kitchen:

1 ? The correct size

The appeal of a large sink, such as the popular large multibasin style, can sometimes lead homeowners to choosing a sink that ends up overwhelming a smaller kitchen without providing any real advantages. A smaller kitchen can often do well with a modest single bowl sink that costs less and does all that?s necessary. For larger kitchens, a multibowl that consists of a main sink and smaller bar sink can serve ideally. Depending on how much work you do in the kitchen, you may find double or triple bowls that allow multitasking will make life easier. Consult with your remodeling plumber about any changes he or she will need to make to the pipes to adapt to a larger sink.

2 ? Mounting style

Kitchen sinks usually come in either overmount (self-rimming) or undermount models. Overmounts install easier and fit most counter surfaces. Undermounts have a more stylized look and are easier to clean, but they may not work with all surfaces and take longer to install.

3 ? The faucets

During remodeling, the faucet comes part-and-parcel with the sink. What you need to focus on is a combination of design and functionality. Some faucets have built-in water filters in the spout. New faucets may also feature washerless operation that allows them to last longer than older styles. Depending on the number and size of bowls in the sink, you will need to adapt the size of the faucet spout to work with the bowls and have an appropriate swivel range. You will also have to consider whether you want a double-handled or single handled model: which is more convenient for you, and which looks better with the sink?

Matching form and function for a new sink can present bewildering difficulties, but a professional remodeler will have no difficulty helping you locate the ideal combination of the two.

With Striking Remodels by Bell working with you, you?ll find the sink from our showroom that will make your kitchen remodeling in Centennial, CO a success.