3 Reasons to Remodel Your Home This Summer
May 29, 2018

3 Reasons to Remodel Your Home This Summer

Your home is your single biggest investment and your biggest chunk of equity and security. Granted, homeowners are at the mercy of the housing market. But that said, home ownership is still the foundation of most people?s economic futures. That?s why it makes perfect sense to remodel your home. It is more than just making your home more comfortable, livable, and up-to-date. In fact, it?s an investment that you roll back into your house again and one that will pay off down the line.

Everyone remembers the real estate crash of ten years ago, and lenders are understandably gunshy about home loans to poor risks. If you bought your house anytime before the top of the market and have a good credit rating, though, chances are, you can get a line of credit that will give you the capital you need to start on a home remodeling project. Here are some things to bear in mind about the current climate for home improvements and remodeling:

You Can Move Fast On It

This is a pretty competitive time to be in the home remodeling game. There?s been a significant drop-off in demand for remodeling jobs, and you?re likely to find contractors whose schedules are open enough right now to get on a project fairly quickly. This also pays off for you when it comes time to talk about a bid, as having several contractors competing for the same project can mean a noticeable break in the kinds of quotes you might see.

The other outcome of this big sorting-out is that many of the sketchier, marginal contractors are now out of the game. People who were barely hanging on to remodeling gigs just didn?t make the cut, and have abandoned the market to the more professional firms.

You Can Cut Your Energy Bills

This is where remodeling projects pay off in a very real and tangible way. Things like insulation, upgraded windows, and EnergyStar appliances can make a big difference in the kind of electric bills you see. That?s not even considering things like low-flow toilets or solar panels. When you can see such a direct benefit from your remodeling work, why would you not be on board with the idea?

Prices Are Down

The prices of many raw materials and accessories for bathroom, kitchen, and living room remodeling jobs have come down considerably, meaning you can shop around, compare prices, and maybe get that job done for less money than you thought.

You don?t have to go all-out on your remodeling ideas. Sometimes, new fixtures in a kitchen or bathroom, a coat of paint, new flooring or new window treatments can make a big difference in updating your home and making it a more inviting space. Put your imagination to work, think about what you might like to see, and start getting some estimates.

It?s time to strike while the iron is hot and get some home remodeling done. Call Bell Home Services for remodeling in Denver today!