3 Factors to Consider with Bathroom Remodeling
April 23, 2014

3 Factors to Consider with Bathroom Remodeling

Undertaking a bathroom remodel is a big task, and you should look at all the options available to you to make sure you get the most from the final product. To help you with this, our remodelers have put together a list of three options you may not have considered for your remodel.

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3 things to consider for your bathroom remodel

  1. Install low-flow fixtures: Why not use the bathroom remodel as a chance to conserve water and save money? Installing low-flow fixtures?showerhead, sink faucet, and toilet?will significantly cut back on the amount of water used in the bathroom without sacrificing functions. With all three sources of water in the bathroom converted to low-flow models, you will see a large reduction on water bills every month, and you?ll also help with water conservation efforts.
  2. Install one of the many options for a new sink: The variety of bathroom sinks now available is almost dizzying. You can opt for traditional models like top-mount and bottom-mount sinks, go for a space saving wall-mount (or even corner-mount) model, or choose eye-catching designs in pedestal sinks and trendy vessel sinks. The right new sink can serve as the centerpiece that holds together your bathroom re-design. Look for a remodeling company that offers you a full range of options for sinks.
  3. Time for pipe replacement: The work done during a bathroom remodel will expose your bathroom?s plumbing. Take advantage of this to have pipe replacement done. This is an excellent idea if you have aging plumbing, but it also gives the remodelers more flexibility for the redesign, especially with the use of flexible plastic CPVC piping.

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