Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Tips

When it comes to a bathroom remodeling project,?or having your?kitchen remodeled, there are a lot of things to consider including the design, decorations, and even plumbing fixtures and appliances.? When it comes to the plumbing system and related renovations, having a professional Littleton?plumber such as those at Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell?walk you through the remodeling process is essential to having it done properly.

There can be many types of bathroom and kitchen remodels from simply repainting the room, to changing out fixtures for a more modern appeal, to replacing old appliances, to redoing the entire floor plan of a bathroom or kitchen.? While each of these remodeling projects can provide that new sense of space that you so desire, they also range quite drastically on the difficulty scale.

  • FixturesπŸ˜• Updating kitchen and bathroom fixtures can be relatively inexpensive, and will not only give you that updated modern feel, but give you options that are much more focused on saving water while still providing a good degree of water-flow and water-pressure.? Having a professional plumber ?perform fixture replacements can make the job that much simpler for you!
  • AppliancesπŸ˜• Replacing old outdated or broken appliances with new appliances in a stainless steel or other finish is a sure-fire way to bring a new look into your space.? Not only do new appliances mean a more modern feel, but they also provide higher efficiency ratings and improved features over those installed ten or more years ago.
  • Paint:? New paint is one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to remodel a kitchen or bathroom.? It offers a breath of fresh air into the space without causing the need for extensive changes elsewhere in the room.
  • LightingπŸ˜• Small changes in lighting fixtures can drastically change the feel of your bathroom or kitchen, providing a new feeling of drama and boldness, comfort and coziness, or even just better functionality.
  • TileπŸ˜• Changing out an old backsplash or countertop with new tile can have a major effect on the ambiance of a space.? Just making a slight shift in color-tone can make all the difference in the world, while using larger tiles may offer easier cleaning options during normal daily use.
  • CabinetsπŸ˜• While some opt for brand new cabinets, sometimes that is not in the budget.? When you still want to use your existing cabinets?but want to see it change, the option to reface cabinets may be the best choice.? This can include changing the color of the cabinets?with wood stain or paint, installing new doorknobs and drawer pulls, or even replacing just the doors on the cabinets with those that offer the feel that you now desire.

The Littleton?bathroom and kitchen experts at Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell?can offer you not only design suggestions for all your plumbing-related work, but can perform your kitchen and bathroom plumbing remodels with high-quality workmanship.? Contact Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell today!


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