Top 5 Most Valuable Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Not only is it where you make all your meals, it’s also a huge selling point when it comes to selling your property in Denver. In fact, investing some money to improve your kitchen can raise the value of your home significantly.

There are all kinds of ways to improve your kitchen, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Some will make it a much nicer place to prepare and eat your food, while others will simply make its value rise. Here are Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell top 5 most valuable ways to improve your kitchen.

Improve your kitchen aesthetic and functionality

How to Improve Your Kitchen:

Create More Open Space

More open space means more value for your home. If you can make your kitchen more open and spacious, your property value will rise fast. With the housing market booming in Denver, this is a great way to increase the value of your home.

The best way to add space is to connect your kitchen with an adjoining room. If your kitchen and dining room are separate, consider knocking down a wall to make an open kitchen/dining room combo. You can separate the spaces with a counter and make the whole area look stylish and modern. This is a cheap and valuable improvement.

Another way is to get a building extension. This will require more investment, but will also add a lot to your value. A wide, spacious kitchen with plenty of room for appliances and storage will stand out to buyers.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Equipment

Better equipment for your kitchen equals more home value. Adding a few new appliances can modernize your kitchen, raising the value of your property and netting you more profit than what you pay.

Energy-efficient appliances are a good way to go. Not only will you save a lot of money on your energy bills, but when it comes to selling, buyers will look for these. You could also go a step further and get smart appliances. These have some incredible capabilities that will future-proof your home.

Of course, a nice dining set will also raise the value and the atmosphere of your kitchen. If you plan to rent your property out, you could even invest in some nice cutlery and dining equipment.

More Storage

With more storage comes more value. Especially when it comes to selling, buyers will want a kitchen with plenty of storage for all their silverware, china, small appliances, and other kitchen equipment.

You can find all kinds of modern storage upgrades for your kitchen. With things like pull-out pantries and island cabinets, you can really get a lot out of the space you have. Of course, more wall cabinets and shelves can also help- just don’t overcrowd your kitchen with these.

Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting can make a world of difference to any room in your home. Picking the right lights and even the right bulbs can really bring out the atmosphere of your kitchen.

You may want dimmer lights. These will allow you to set the mood. While you may want bright lights for cooking, darker lights are often preferable for when you’re eating meals.

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A Style Makeover

Sometimes value is all about aesthetics. If your kitchen looks fresh, modern, and downright cool, it’ll attract a much higher price when it comes to selling.

Upgrading the counters is one small improvement that can instantly add some value. You might want fresh marble counters to really style up your kitchen. You could also upgrade the flooring. Choose a material that looks good but more importantly is easy to clean. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are good choices.

Updating the walls will also help. You may want an atmospheric color like red to bring out the style of your kitchen. You could also add some wall tiling. This looks good and adds value.


Your kitchen is a reflection of the love and pride you have for your home and your family. Improving this most essential part of your home will help contribute to preparing comforting meals, entertaining guests, and sharing lifetime memories.

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