Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell Teamed Up with the Bath Crashers!

Here at Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell, we?love our community – just as much as?we love our work. So you can imagine our excitement when our kitchen & bath remodeling team had the opportunity to work with the DIY Network on a project with Matt Muenster and the producers of Bath Crashers. This was the first of 2 projects that Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell and the?DIY Network has partnered on. Imagine the surprise of the Denver family who was wandering through the local home improvement store when they were ambushed by Matt and the Bath Crashers crew! Our remodeling crew was so happy to provide this family with the bathroom improvements of their dreams!

We are happy to announce that the first project we worked on, Mile High Ceiling, will be airing Monday September 15th at 9:30pm MST.? If you miss the first airing it will be on again October 11, 2014 at 1pm MST.? This episode will also air on HGTV (Home & Garden TV) within the Saturday airings of Bath Crashers; date and time TBD.

After the episode airs, we’ll be publishing another blog immediately following that includes before and after photographs of the project.


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