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GE Appliance Sales & Installation in Denver, CO

Everyone is likely familiar with the name of General Electric, trusted for household appliances for many, many years. Those appliances make up a key part of our home lives, providing options for plumbing and household chores that make all of our lives easier. Appliances like theirs are an integral part of many household systems. And like any system, they need to be cared for by trained experts.

Here in Denver, CO, the pros at Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell specialize in GE products and GE appliances. We can fix anything and install them with care, but with GE, we have a product line that we truly believe in. Give us a call today!

GE Is Our Specialty

We know that there are a lot of appliance brands out there, and we can install and service every one of them. But GE appliances are the only ones that we sell as well: that’s how much we believe in our product. That also gives us unparalleled expertise into the makes and models of GE appliances to help you make your selection. We serve homes throughout the Denver area, so call us today!

Trust a Professional with Installation

Installing a GE appliance, or any other brand of appliance for that matter, is best left to licensed and bonded professionals. You may be tempted to perform an installation yourself to save money, but if you don’t do it the right way, it could cost you a great deal in reduced efficiency and early repairs. Trust us to handle the job properly.

Safety Matters

Beyond inefficiency and cost, there’s the inevitable question of safety when installing GE products, especially those that use gas or water lines. Gas can be dangerous if it leaks, and while water isn’t an immediate threat, it can cause a huge amount of damage in a very short time. Professional services like ours serve the whole Denver community and ensure that your new GE product is installed safely and reliably.

Delivery and Installation

One of the benefits of working with a certified dealer in GE products is that the steps are simple and direct. Because of that, we can offer huge benefits to our customers, including delivery and installation, regardless of the nature of the GE product. That gets the appliance in your home without worry!

Our Warranty Can?t Be Beat

We offer a 1-year warranty on labor costs for all of our GE appliances. Compare that to no warranty or 90-day warranties for similar services from other companies. That’s our way of standing by our work, so you know that your GE appliance is repaired or installed the right way every time.

We Can Even Remove the Old Appliance

Installing a new appliance often leaves an old one behind, and here too, we don’t want you to worry or take any extra steps. We provide for the salvage and removal of old equipment, regardless of brand, and work with local companies to donate older appliances that are still in working condition.

Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell
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