Design Guide

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Navigating the design process

We’ll share the ins and outs of the design process so you don’t miss a beat. How to establish a budget, how to get the most value from your investment, how to ideally design for your unique lifestyle, and more!

Undertaking a successful remodel

Successful remodels require planning ahead. We’ll share best practices on getting your home ready and how to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Insider’s tips

We’ve been at this for a while and have great insights into creating wish lists, understanding how you react to certain colors, and assisting you in planning the right storage space for your treasures.

Selecting the right style for you

We’ve got plenty of style boards put together to help you find just the right design direction to suit your needs. Are you more drawn to traditional design, or modern? Is Mountain modern or rustic more your thing? We can help you design a space that pairs well with your home’s architecture and your own aesthetic tastes.

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