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Offering kitchen & bathroom remodeling services to the Denver Metro area

Denver Interior and Exterior Painting Service

At Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell, we don’t see a limit to the term home solutions, which is why our expertise extends to the exterior and interior painting of your home in the greater Denver, CO area.

Painting is a necessary part of home ownership, whether you need to replace a fading coat or just want to try a new color.

But that can be hard work and if it’s not something you’ve done before, it can be a lot trickier than you think.

That’s why we’re here. You trust us with every aspect of your home.

You can trust us with interior and exterior painting jobs as well as carpentry services and a full-time interior designer ready to get to work for you.

Call us today to learn more. We serve the whole of the Denver, CO area!

Exterior Painting Involves Remodeling

In our case, painting the exterior of the home comes as part of a larger remodeling project. That usually entails roofing, facade creation, removing dry rot and a host of other issues designed to help your home look beautiful.

If you’re interested in changing the look of your house, contact our team today!

Interior Painting Defines the Space

The interior of your home is where you can express yourself: where comfort and style come together to find the space that is uniquely you.

Interior painting is part of that process: a way to find the very best color, shade and texture to make your room or your whole house feel like you want it to.

Contact our team in Denver and let us know how we can help!

The People in Denver You Trust Do the Job Right

Chances are, you already trust us with some aspect of our work: plumbing, electrical, heating or air conditioning.

Trust us to handle painting as well. We understand the ins and outs of the operation and will work with you to ensure that your painting or remodeling project is performed the right way.

We Can Help At All Stages

At Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell, we have professional interior designers on staff to help you with your paint selection.

They’ll guide you through the various choices you have available and find the one that works best for your Denver home.

The same goes for carpeting and exterior trim. That puts expert knowledge in your corner at a cost you can afford!

There Are Benefits to Keeping It in One Company

Painting often occurs as part of a larger project, which means it can get quite complicated if you’re not careful.

That’s why it pays to go with the same company for all of it, especially the company that’s handled other aspects of your home like the plumbing and electricity.

It simplified the process and makes communication much easier.

From the Beginning of the Project to the End

Whether you just want to change one room or if the whole house needs a larger remodeling project, it helps to let the experts take some of the load off.

You’re going to face challenges you could never have anticipated. In those circumstances, it pays to have a trained team of experienced experts on your side, ready to handle it all the right way.

Trust us every time and we won’t steer you wrong!

Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell
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