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Andersen Window Installation Services in Denver, CO

Windows are designed to last a long time, but sooner or later, they need replacing just like anything else. It could be an accident that shattered the glass, or it could simply be an older window in an older house where the glass and the frame have lost touch with the times.

It can be tempting to perform a window installation yourself, but it’s best to trust the professionals at Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell to do the job for you. We specialize in Andersen window installation in the Denver area, ensuring that you have one of the best products in the industry to keep your home looking its best.

Pro installation makes all the difference in the world when it comes to new windows. Count on the top service in Denver by calling us today. We serve homes throughout the Denver, CO area!

Reasons for Installing a New Window

The obvious reason for installing a new window is because the old one is broken or damaged. The old chestnut about a baseball going through the window still holds true, as do countless other little accidents that can shatter the glass into countless pieces. You may also want to install a new window as part of a remodeling project, or simply because the frame or glass isn’t what you need it to be anymore.

Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell uses Andersen windows in our installation service, noted for their strength and versatility in the face of the worst of our Denver weather. Whatever the reason you have for installing a new window, our methods are above reproach and the new window will conform to your precise specifications every time. Contact our team today and let us know what we can do for you!

Problems Occur with Poor Installation

The trouble with a poor installation job, or even an adequate installation job is that it leaves your home vulnerable to a host of additional problems. Improper sealing of the frame, for example, can leech cool air from your interior in the summer and warm air during a cold Denver winter, as well as creating drafts and horrible noises like whistling when the wind blows. The window itself may not seal shut when you close it, and parts such as the latch may wear out faster than you would like.

You can avoid all of that by trusting the right company to install your windows. Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell has the skills and experience to handle a variety of household issues, and we’ll be there for you every time. If you have a window installation project that needs the right touch, give us a call.

Our Credentials Speak for Themselves

At Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell, we have been locally owned and operated in the Denver area since 1926. Our longevity speaks to our reliability, and our commitment to doing the job the right way the first time, every time hasn’t wavered. That applies to window installation as well as any other parts of your home that need addressing.

With our trained team in your corner, you know that the job is going to be done right, and that your new window will be everything you need it to be. Whether you just need new glass put in or an entirely new storm window installed, we have the skills to make it happen!

Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell
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