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Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell Reviews

Extremely professional service that provided thorough explanation and great work. Our dryer socket was wired for far more amps than a new dryer demands, so we had to have Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell update the socket and circuit. They arrived on time and completed the project in a timely manner. They explained everything so that I could understand what was going on. The service people were professional and cleaned up after themselves. Their prices are high, but they're the best. My neighbor, who uses them regularly, recommended them to me. They did a great job and I would use them again.

- Christopher Becker

Top notch service. The name was a familiar one, but I had never had the occasion to use them. The refrigerator technician told me I needed another type valve for the water line and that I should have the work done by a certified plumber. Dealing with prior problems, I decided not to search for a less expensive solution. When Todd told me what it was going to cost, I said, "Well, I suppose I've got no choice." he responded that I did have a choice; I could find a less expensive shop. He went on to explain exactly what needed to be done and that Bell stands behind their work, among other reasonable advantages, which made very good sense. I am very pleased that I decided to have Todd and Bell do the work. Thank you!

- Donna P

Bell did an excellent job in installing canned lighting in my kitchen. Tyler Damlo arrived promptly, and verified the placement and final effect of lighting before beginning the job. He completed the work ahead of schedule, and cleaned up the area. I will certainly use Bell in the future. Excellent workmanship and professionalism. Thank you Tyler - wonderful job.

- Holly S

Excellent! Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell are the go-to people for anything plumbing, electrical or remodeling. I've been using them for about ten years. They're professional, reasonably priced, and detail-oriented. The last time they came to fix a short in a light's wiring. The guy that came to fix it was very good. He came late on a Friday all the way across town to help out. Two weeks after, there was another short. They sent someone else out and determined that it was their mistake so they didn't charge me. You can't ask for better service. The people they hire are well-trained and qualified. I will continue using their services.

- Amy Frank Lakewood Co

Bill Pataluna was fantastic. We have radiator heat on the second and third floor of our 1905 home! Thanks, Bill.

- Cari R

Bell's a totally professional plumbing service organization you'll be happy with.

- Tom M

Bill Patuluna responded to our emergency call for sewer back up immediately after water heater installation. He was presented with one challenging task after another and worked diligently to solve each problem no matter how late it got. Then he communicated with me on site and with the homeowner by phone to give us all necessary information including discounts available to us. He also scheduled next day camera service to determine whether more work was necessary. We appreciated Bill's time, expertise, and willingness to explain each step he took.

- Sharon C

Fred came out to repair ductwork for us. He was impeccable!

- Lynn L

Don't shop around, just go with them. The guys at Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell were all very professional, nice, and quick. They installed a water heater, AC, and furnace. My old water heater blocked the door of the water heater closet, so they pushed it against the back wall to open up the closet. Now I can actually get in the closet and get to my water softener system. I used to have to ask my son to get in there and add salt to the system, but since they moved the water heater I can get in there myself. This was my first time using them and I've already recommended them to a couple friends. I've seen their trucks around town and their showroom is nearby my job, but I had also heard about them from word-of-mouth. The staff was top-notch, and I told my wife that they've probably been in business so long because they hire the very best. We were really happy and pleased with their services. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

- Jeff Adams Centennial Co

Satisfied with the work they've done! Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell has done a lot of work for me, from the HVAC to the heating to reworking the electricity in my home. In each project they took care of everything, they were honest about the quote and left everything the way it needed to be. They charged a little more, but for the value they're excellent and what you get is well worth it.

- Bil M

Just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Richard M. did here this week during his routine furnace/air conditioner service call. I greatly appreciated his thoroughness and willingness to explain to me, and show me exactly what he was doing as he did it. He was very professional, courteous and educational.

- Christine C 2

Wayne was fantastic! We had issues with our furnace that is at least 30 years old and Wayne was able to diagnose AND fix the problem. He was knowledgeable and I strongly feel that any other company would have tried to sell us a new furnace (which we cannot afford right now). I would definitely recommend them to anyone and am thankful that our family has heat again.

- Liz S

Thank you for making this hot water heater install painless.

- Ron P

Bill P. arrived on time and used the boot covers to avoid tracking slush into the house. Gave an honest estimate and then completed the job in a timely manner. Explained everything he was going to do and gave options to make the job less expensive. Had not used Bell since before we moved to Alaska many years ago but if all the technicians are like Bill P. we will call Bell whenever we need service. Thanks Bill.

- D Lester

"Thank-heavens for Doug S. He was faced with a difficult job, and continued to work and revise until my flooded basement was fixed and new water heater installed and then repaired!"

- Leslie D Y In Denver

A super perfect job as usual!

- Don S In Denver 2

Dean Current's expertise, diagnostic skills are to be commended! We've had ongoing plumbing problems in our house. Faulty pipes/leaks due to original and replacement pipe-2009 class action lawsuit we were unaware of. Dean replaced kitchen drain/main house drain, great room/laundry wall drain with quality product with better flow design. Couple years ago, another company had done same work and it failed again-lots of money for nothing. Dean is a hardworker and knows the business-thinks things through before busting out walls, etc.-goes directly to the problem. We are very pleased with Dean's work and Bell's service. We would like Dean for all future service-OUTSTANDING. Bell Plumbing is fortunate to have him on their team.

- Theresa W

Excellent, knowledgeable technicians and employees. Very satisfactory, well mannered, neat and clean, competent and considerate. Very satisfied overall.

- Tom And Nancy M

Bell Plumbing & Heating did 2 bathroom plumbing remodels and an AC repair. Estimates were reasonable, the work was done exactly on time and as requested, and the final bill did not exceed the estimates. Very courteous technicians, very prompt, clean, skilled.

- Jim B

Complete satisfaction for over fifty years.

- Richard M 2

Chuck came in and diagnosed our problem within 5 minutes and had it fixed within 10. It was by far the best experience I have had with a plumber. We will definitely be repeat customers.

- Vance G In Denver

"Very nice young man, did a great job-a good representative for Bell Plumbing. Bell did our plumbing and heating for this home 40 years ago (1974) when we built and Bell continues to do our repairs, which are minimal. We have always had good service and Ryan P. continues this tradition."

- Terrie M In Littleton

"I needed a outside faucet repaired because it was leaking. I called another company in Parker and they wanted to cut the whole thing off and put in new plumbing. I knew they did not know what to do so I thought I would get another opinion. I called you guys and you sent out Chuck C. He put a kit in an repaired it. he knew exactly what to do. I was really impressed. I have some other plumbing needs so I have you coming back to take care of that. Chuck seems to be a outstanding employee and a real professional. Your company needs to do whatever you have to keep Chuck on board. I am sixty-eight and have had people come to my house to fix things and could tell they did not know what they were doing. Just thought you should know about Chuck."

- Louis K In Parker

"I just had your service tech, Chuck C. at my house to replace the pressure reducing valve in my system. Check was courteous friendly, professional and , most importantly, he fixed the problem. Overall, I was very pleased with the work he did. He was a very good representative for Bell Plumbing and Heating; I thought that you'd like to know that. PS. Apparently when they built our Belmar Development, they installed very cheap, contractor grade, PRV's. I suspect that we'll see an increased failure rate among my neighbors-I'll see what I can do to keep your techs busy!"

- Tom K In Belmar

"He worked very hard in a crawl space and attic without complaint. I have had this serviceman before. He is always courteous and cleans up whatever mess he makes. I feel that he has done a thorough job and would recommend him to my friends."

- Janet M In Denver

"I had a plumber who had 20 years experience and was up to date on all equipment that is available to do his job. Bill's advice and expertise created a warm fuzzy feeling about all repairs. Thanks Bill!!!"

- Bob P In Aurora

"Richard does what's necessary, doesn't push extra service, is polite, professional and prompt. I would like Richard for all service in future."

- David K In Lakewood

"Excellent from arrival to departure. Richard explained all steps and made sure I understand what was taking place."

- Edward C In Aurora

Gary did an outstanding job troubleshooting and making the necessary repairs.

- Donald B In Aurora

"Chuck was friendly and courteous, but even more important he was very efficient, knew his job, and went right to work and GOT THE JOB DONE! Chuck C. is a real professional! In the future I will ask for him specifically, and recommend him to anyone that I'm aware needs a great plumber."

- George T In Aurora

We have used Bell many times over the years and our experiences with them have been positive overall.

- David B In Denver

"I have been a customer since 1954. The serviceman answered all my questions, he gave me estimates to install a cold water valve for my kitchen sink. He did the work of the kitchen faucet and also the bathroom drain, all done in 45 min."

- Paul A In Denver

"I have used Bell for years. Your service is outstanding. Thank You! Richard M was very professional and helpful."

- Diane M In Denver

"The serviceman was thorough and knowledgeable. Doug was vey knowledgeable and gave me good information and advice on keeping the A/C clean & plumbing work that should be done! I will definitely call your company for future work."

- Karen K In Aurora

Richard explained everything he was doing and how the furnace works. He showed me the problems he found.

- Pat R In Littleton

My agent was extremely skilled and knowledgeable, he really knows his craft was pleasant and friendly. I would like for him to put in a new air unit next year.

- Janet C In Denver

Doug was excellent with my mother, answering questions, overall he was Fantastic.

- Caralyn C In Aurora

Your services personnel (Doug) is always professional and helpful.

- Rosemary H In Aurora

Appreciate the cleanliness, business approach and explanation of problems and solution.

- Harry B In Denver

The technician was prompt, very courteous, and performed the tasks in a timely manner. He explained the service and the billing thoroughly and did an excellent job.

- Karen C In Denver

Excellent as usual. We've used your services for many years and have always been satisfied.

- Tony S In Denver

A super perfect job as usual. I always use Bell because the job always gets done right and the personnel are always professional.

- Don S In Denver

I was very Happy with his work and he clearly explained what he was doing & why.

- Shuny S In Centennial

The technician found the problem and fixed it and identified a possible future problem. He was very easy to talk with.

- Robert M

Everyone is very professional. They answer all of my questions, provide prompt service and the job is well done.

- Theresa H In Aurora

I needed my air conditioner repaired. When I called and was told it would be after 6pm. I got a phone call about 8:45am from Richard M, repair man, saying he was on his way. When he arrived he was very nice and went to work on my air conditioner. It only took half an hour. I was so impressed with everything. I have used your company before for plumbing and I will never use any other company.

- Jan Z

The service people that I have encountered using Bell Services have, been polite, knowledgeable and helpful. I like the professionalism and appreciate their courtesy and knowledge. The latest technician here was a Richard M don't have a employee number just the name and again very satisfied with the service

- Meria C

I did not think the short survey form had room for my thoughts about Bell Plumbing and Heating, so I decided to write a note. Of course it is very likely (10 on a scale) that I would recommend Bell Plumbing and Heating to a friend or family member. In fact, I already recommend Bell every chance I get. I'm just a homeowner, so my range of plumbing needs is limited, but since about 1997 Bell Plumbing and Heating has met all of them. Bell has: (i) installed a new central air conditioning unit; (ii) replaced the furnace; (iii) replaced the water heater; (iv) converted my lead service pipe to copper; and (v) done many smaller jobs that I can't keep track of. I have never had a problem with any work Bell did; your work is done right, and done to last. Bell's service men are experts at their jobs, and when a job needs more people, Bell sends them out. For one of those jobs I mentioned, I think there were 3 Bell trucks in front of my house at one point. (In fact, if you look at Google's "Street View" for my house, 1541 Steele Street, there is a Bell Plumbing truck in front of the house, which I'm proud to have sitting there.) Last, but of course far from least, is the pricing. I've always found Bell's prices very reasonable. The up-front estimate is honest about what the variable could be, and the final price always seems well worth it.

- David W

I thought I needed a new hot water heater due to water around the bottom. When Chuck Watts came he showed me that it was the valve that needed replacement not the whole unit. I would recommend Bell Plumbing to anyone that needed service.

- Christine

Bill, was, again very thorough. Methodically, took time to explain problem and how he was going to fix it. Took time to explain the costs. Thank you!

- Connie

The field technicians at Bell are great. They tell you what they are going to do, welcome questions, show you what they are doing and even teach you what you want to know if you are willing to learn. Thanks, Bell!

- Steve 2

Just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Richard M. did here this week during his routine furnace/air conditioner service call. I greatly appreciated his thoroughness and willingness to explain to me, and show me exactly what he was doing as he did it. He was very professional, courteous and educational.

- Christine C

Fred was prompt, courteous, and fixed the problem. He clearly pointed out what was wrong.

- Paul

Gary has visited my house on 3 separate occasions and is always very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

- Evan

I can always count on Bell to take care of of the plumbing/heating problem I have.

- April

The estimate and installation of my air conditioner went well. They explained everything and did a good job.

- Lynda

I was very impressed with the service from Bell Plumbing. Will use you again!

- Mary S In Highlands Ranch

Mr Cliff Selby was very professional and pleasant to work with.

- Julie B In Denver

Bell rep completely knowledgeable and thorough. Even taught me a bit about how Air Conditioners work.

- Richard

We were very pleased with your services and hope to have Nathan the next time we have work done.

- Leo B In Denver

Plumber was prompt, very knowledgeable, explained things well and very pleasant.

- Mike S In Denver

Glen is very friendly, informative and helpful. We were very happy at his response time.

- Ruth G In Aurora

Easy to schedule and helpful on the phone; timely - arrived/called when the said they would. Gary was great - knowledgeable, friendly and confident. I really appreciate the service!

- Christopher G In Lakewood

Reasonable, honest, good craftsmen, equipped and able to fix problem or recommend alternate! What more could you want!?

- Richard D In Lakewood

Tech had a very positive/friendly attitude, work done in great time.

- Darnell A In Denver

We have used Bell for 60+ years and have always been happy with your people and your service!

- Marilyn M In Denver

The tech who came out was very professional, courteous, helpful and honest about what needed to be done and what didn't.

- Lori F In Aurora

Gary took it upon himself personally to buy insulation after he got off work and came back to put it in to protect my pipes! That meant so much to me and helped me so much too! Very unusual for someone to do that and I think he is a wonderful man with a great heart! He did a good job too!

- Sher B In Aurora

Bell is timely, polite and professional, awarding savings wherever possible and prices are fair. I would recommend them.

- Ed P In Denver

Glen was very helpful in explaining the problem with the water heater and in explaining my options. Nicky, the night dispatcher, was very nice and helpful.

- Donna M In Centennial

We were very satisfied and appreciative of the dryer vent work, as well as the previous work on our furnace issue, the other Company said we needed a whole new furnace and A/C. Your technician was great!

- Jim H In Denver

We needed the new steam vents to be installed with more space between our basement ceiling and the vents. When we asked for someone to come back and shorten the pipe, they came back promptly and cheerfully.

- Jennifer O In Denver

We are always delighted with the service - competent, nice people. Grateful to all the people at Bell.

- Diane W In Denver

I was so pleased when I called at 7:30am and they told me someone would be at our home between 12 and 2. I was even more pleased when he arrived at 11:30. Awesome! We had a new hot water heater at the time he indicated. I would recommend Bell to everyone.

- Sandy P In Aurora

The bathroom looks great, and the job was very professional. I would like to make sure that thanks goes out to Dan and Gabriel, they did an amazing job and I do not think the bathroom would have turned out as well as it did without them.

- Chris A In Westminster

Water line installation had a bad, sloppy solder joint which leaked water into basement. Response to this error was excellent, with same-day, friendly service.

- Doug L In Englewood

Very professional, prompt, efficient and friendly!

- Nancy B In Denver

Glen did a great job and finished quickly. Great job!

- George P In Highlands Ranch

Glen was terrific! Knows what he is doing, even with plumbing from 1929 like mine.

- Ann P In Denver

Gary was on time and great to work with. He explained everything he did and was very efficient. If I have any issues in the future, I will call you guys for sure!

- Jessica H In Englewood

Plumber was very knowledgable about the new faucet he installed, and explained the Hot-Stop on it, which no one showed us when we bought the first faucet. We are totally satisfied with the new faucet!

- Daniel D In Denver

Timely, cooperative and courteous. Overall - very good!

- Charles S In Denver

Gary was professional, courteous and a nice guy. We're confident that the work was done correctly.

- Karen S In Denver

I was very impressed with your technician, Kurt M. I was concerned about my basement floor drain and thought it should be scoped. When Kurt came to my home on February 24th, he explained that he could use a cable first which would save me money and we could go from there depending on what he found. Fortunately, he found nothing wrong and I was greatly relieved. Kurt is professional, knowledgeable, and explained everything to me. He represents your company (Bell Plumbing) well.

- Miriam R

Fred made a very bad situation turn out with a very happy ending. Our cat was stuck in a heater duct, and my wife and I were at a loss on how to get her free. Thanks to Fred, our cat was removed from the duct without injury, and with a minimum of damage to our house. We can't express our gratitude enough!

- Steve

Wish all people were as great to have working in my house as David.

- Ellen S In Centennial

Considering that it was an emergency water heater install, this went better than I could have hoped for. As always, Bell was responsive and helpful when I called. The gentlemen who worked on it were professional and friendly. It was a difficult job, but Glen was great. 5 stars!

- Leslie M

Doug was great to work with. Very helpful.

- Kyle C

Very good. Quick service. Doug was very courteous and did the job quickly. Very pleased.

- Lois C

Excellent. Gary was professional, experienced, efficient and polite. Great service!

- Sheila K

Very good. Thank you Gary.

- Larry P

Master plumber Bill P. was very professional and went above and beyond. I have always been very pleased with Bell Plumbing, but my experience with Bill has been exemplary. He did a real nice job and was very consistent in wearing shoe booties and cleaning up afterwards. I will continue to recommend Bell Plumbing to my friends. Whole house check is and added bonus.

- Palma T

Bill P. was prompt, courteous, friendly and very completed in performing our service.

- John W

Good service, very helpful.

- Candice W

Glen was very helpful and clear. Glen was fun and understanding. He even took the time to see my "fat" cat behind the dryer.

- Ginny S

Excellent. Thank you. Both Technicians did an awesome repair. Had used Bell Plumbing & Heating with consistent, reliable, honest work.

- Michelle H

Doug, technician, was superb. He was very thorough in his explanations and his work here. Fantastic. Will only use Bell Plumbing services and will recommend highly to others.

- Ellen B

Excellent. Doug was knowledgeable and courteous.

- A B

Excellent, quick! We have used Bell for many years and have always been happy with the service and the information we have received. Your staff is knowledgeable and fast. Thanks.

- Robin S

The technician Wes was very thorough. He explained everything before he started the work. Cleaned up after his work. Very satisfied to have all three issues taken care of with one visit. Would recommend to others.

- Michele H

Very professional and knowledgeable, easy to understand because the problem was explained clearly. Enjoyed the experience. It was nice to have a knowledgeable, personable person help me out! Thanks!

- Leslie E

Very informative and professional. Knowledgeable and efficient service.

- Kathy V

Above average. Good service, very pleased.

- Marie P

Awesome! On time! Great job! Professional! I would definitely recommend to a friend.

- Carol B

Excellent. Fast and expert service. Right on time. We can always depend on Bell. Thank You!

- Sara L

Very professional and courteous. Found and fixed the problem very efficiently and quickly.

- Richard M

Took care of my drain problems. I can now have a houseful of company and not have to wait for the drains to clear.

- Jackie G

Always excellent.

- William H

Great. Will definitely use again. Thanks Gary.

- Kelly E

A quick fix. Relief at not having to replace disposal hardware. Appreciate honesty at being able to repair.

- Denise K

Excellent. Fast, accurate, nice guy to deal with.

- Gonzalo M

Courteous, fast and very fair. Thought I would need a new main shut-off valve. Bell technician cam out and repaired the valve rather than replaced it, like others have told me was necessary. Saved me hundreds.

- Kevin B

Gary was right on time, pleasant and very helpful. The work was done very well and I would ask for him if needed again.

- Betty E

Work was done to a high standard.

- Jessie C

Richard was great and told me what was wrong and was able to identify the problem quickly.

- Bobbi H

John was very friendly and helpful. He arrived quickly and answered all of my questions. I would recommend him and Bell to my family and friends!

- Bryan C

Very helpful service. Knew what he was doing, Careful. Good cleanup.

- Sid O

Very helpful and pleasant.

- James C

The technician was courteous, neat and efficient.

- Fay E

Wesley was a straight shooter. He did what he said he would do. Everything works, we are happy to have the plumbing working and for the quick response.

- Chuck W

Very good. Thank you.

- Stan B

Great. Bell is always prompt and professional.

- Julie O

Great service. Knowledgeable, professional. Completed the repair at my home. He explained the repair parts, the warranty and the service value plan. It was great to have a reliable company to contact for plumbing and heating needs.

- Diane M

Very pleasant and friendly. Showed up in a timely manner, greeted and was friendly with me and my dogs. Troubleshoot the problem in less than 5 minutes and fixed it!

- Lynette A

Will was very congenial and too the time to explain a number of things to better help me to understand my heating system. He also was very willing to the extra step or two to provide good service. He represents your company very well.

- Nora M

Excellent, prompt, courteous and a job done well. Chuck solved the problem very quickly and efficiently.

- Noel L

Great care was taken to diagnose the problem with minimal destruction. A very tough fix, but well done.

- Regina S

Excellent. Timely and professional.

- Kevin I

Extremely satisfied.

- Nagendra A

Congenial, informative, on time.

- Rena W

As usual very good.

- Ken B

Great and fast. I am very appreciative that he was able to show me what he did and how to fix it in the future.

- Amber G

Doug was very efficient and answered all my questions knowledgeably. Thank you!

- Heather Fred C

Very helpful, excellent service! Glenn has been so great! He has done a great job and answered all my questions. We will be calling you soon to replace our kitchen sink.

- Ronda T

Excellent as always. We trust Bell.

- Hunt L

He was very thorough and experienced. Very good, friendly. Would recommend again.

- Samone M

Bell has been great. Wesley was great. Very professional and honest.

- Ardie W

Great. They took the time to explain the multiple problems fully and give advice for other problems as a result of water overflow.

- Jennifer M

Good work in a timely manner.

- Chris P


- Steve B

Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell
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